The Pond

This summer I've constructed a new pond for the ferrets out in the natural enclosure. Pics of the construction are available here.

The pond is about 3 x 2 m and has three levels. Water is pumped (1200l/h) from the lowest level to the top level where it flows down two waterfalls back to the lowest level. The first two levels have a very shallow depth of about 5-10 cm while the lowest level is deeper at about 20-25 cm. At the top level the water is sprinkled out in a playful fashion which is very inviting to the ferrets!

The bottom is covered with a mixtures of rounded gravel and fine sand which is both easy to keep clean and nice for the ferrets to walk on. The different levels are seperated by large rocks that function like several bridges for the ferrets to cross the pond or access the water. Across the entire pond is a large tree log which is very popular both to run across and as a vantage point.

The pond contians various aquatic adn semi-auatic plants.