The Outdoor Enclosure

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The outdoor enclosure is situated at one end of our house. It's fitted for permanent outdoor housing (all of my ferrets spend time both outdoors and indoors), with insulated sleeping boxes and shelter from wind and bad weather. The complex is facing the NNE and there are both cool and shady areas as well as areas with a few hours of sunlight each day. (We are located in Sweden, Europe which has a suitable outdoor climate for ferrets.)

It's actaully two enclosures that can be used either as one big area (65 m2/~699 ft2) or as two separate units. The bigger one, ~4 x 12 m / ~13.1 x 39.3 ft, is a nature enclosure with a natural setting of small trees and vegetation, burrows and a pond. The smaller one, 4 x 4 m / ~13.1 x 13.1 ft, is paved with tiles and has a more domestic environment including tubes and toys and free access to elevated cages with hammocks and the sleeping boxes.