DISA ("Kulan") 2004 ~ 2010


My most precious little Disa has tragically died due to the effects of a severe enteritis believed to be FECV (more information on this can be found here).

Disa broke out in serious enteritis on August 25. Like the others, she was badly affected by the disease, but she soon turned into the most ill of them all. Despite all efforts she lost her brave battle against the disease 6 days later when she was inflicted with severe gastric bleeding. She passed quietly early in the morning on September 1.

Ever since Disa was born in 2004 she has been my absolute favourite jill, and words cannot describe how devastating this loss is to me. She was also the grand result of many years and generations of breeding, and one of the most outstanding ferrets I've ever produced in my ferretry.

Disa was affectionately called Kulan, which roughly translates into "ball" in English. She died in her prime, only 6 years old, and she would likely have had many years left to live.

Disa, I'm so sorry. This was not how it was supposed to end. There will never be another one like you. Rest in peace.

Disa 5 weeks old in 2004:

1 year, summer of 2005:

1,5 years old, fall of 2005:

3 years old in 2007:

5 years old in 2009:

Winter 2009:

6 years old, swimming in the pond, summer 2010:

Less than an hour before her death, early in the morning Sept 1: