DARIUS 2002 ~ 2010


The closest buddies ever, the dynamic duo, Darius and Cassander, are together again. But we have lost our beautiful king of the hill. Darius is tragically the second victim of the horrible enteric disease that is currently ravaging our home. (More information on this can be found here.)

Darius, words do not suffice... but you know how terribly we miss you. Your little Larv is looking for you. You had one of the most wonderful summers this year, supervising every step of the construction of the pond, looking out from the top of the hill in the morning mist, digging out new tunnels, enjoying every inch of your endlessly treasured enclosure and all of your favourite sleeping spots under the logs and pine trees. Rest and play once again together with your dear Cassander.

The undisputed King of the Hill (spring 2010):

Summer 2010:

August 2009:

Together with Larven:

February 2009, together with Cassander:

Fall 2007:

Good bye my beautiful Darius