Aura, Tindra and Saga


Saga (8 yo) and her daughters Aura and Tindra (6 yo) were out for a little while in the natural enclosure for the first time since they became ill with the presumed ECE.

At the time of these pics, Oct 30-31, Saga was about 95% of her normal weight and size, Aura about 80% and Tindra only just over 50% of her normal weight.

A very thin Tindra. To understand just how thin she is, check out these pics of what she should normally look like in mid Oct: Tindra 1, Tindra 2. She has stopped lactating and has luckily been able to gain at least a little bit more weight since these pics.

"Maybe if we throw in a pebble and make a wish, the tummy problems will go away?" ;-)